Soulmates Poetry Book Giveaway

On a 5 book giveaway is available for “Soulmates” a book of poetry with drawings to those lilving in the United States. The Free giveaway begins December 4, 2019 and ends December 21, 2019! Here is your chance to get a free copy of Sondra Faye’s poetry book, “Soulmates”. Just click on this link […]

Sondra Faye Part of Non Profit Unicorn Project Christmas Book Signing Fund Raiser

“The Unicorn Project started by Angelica Harris is an extraordinary Non Profit helping Children and Families achieve their Academic Dreams” says Sondra Faye Multi-Media Artist and Children’s Author Illustrator. It’s happening on December 16, 2018 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST at Excalibur Reading Program located at 80-17 78th Ave, Glendale, New York 11385 […]

How I Measure a Good Poem

A poet lets you into their world when they share their words with you. If I read a poem that spills into my reality and adds a layer of awareness – be it disgust or partiality – then that poet has caught me in their pattern of thought. When I read a poem that obliterates […]


Soulmates is now available on 2018 Click here to buy your paperback copy now! Another book of poetry including black and white art work by Sondra Faye. Some of these poems are so personal, it took a lot to just decide to share them with anyone else. Due to the language, and the topics […]


Second Edition in Black and White! Available at Barnes & Noble  The slanted poems such as. “Angel”, “trinket” and “26th st. orchid” incorporate the surreal sound of two voices.   With poems enlisting e.e. cummings, John Keats and Edgar Allan Poe as muse; a paranormal flare is infused in the nakedness of the words in […]